Autoresponder Copy
Many marketers and business owners use autoresponders to tell prospects about the service and products they offer.

But autoresponder messages are not just a bunch of random messages dumped in an autoresponder and set to go out two days apart.

A good autoresponder message series should tell a story. Each message should be built on the last one. It's like a single sales presentation on a product or service broken up into parts and connected with something we call the Zeigarnik Effect.

Movies, TV series and books use this technique all the time. Each message or story section is left incomplete or unfinished, and you are compelled to read the next one to find the solution. It's like having an itch you can't scratch.
Here's how it works
Introductory prices.
1 high quality autoresponder series
(10 emails)
1 high quality autoresponder series
(15 emails)
  • I will write a high-quality autoresponder series of messages on a product or service you want to promote.

  • I will research the topic and create it upon the basic information you provide.

  • You can use this series with any autoresponder service where you have an account.

  • You get two revisions of this autoresponder series with your order so that it meets with your approval.
  • You will receive our highly effective autoresponder series by email in a word or text file.
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