Killer Solo Ad Packages
Email marketing works. Top marketers use it daily because it can quickly build awareness for your product or service, and it can help you generate new leads faster than most other methods of marketing.
You may be thinking, I write good emails and I get some results, why do I need a professional copywriter like you to do it for me?
Good question. Let me answer it by asking you some questions. Let's say you are writing a medium length email 300-400 words.
  • What is the most important part of any solo ad?
  • What is the first paragraph used for?
  • How often should you use the zeigarnik effect?
  • How long should each paragraph be?
  • How many times should you use a call to action?
  • How many times should you include your link?
  • What should a solo ad be used to do?
  • What kind of story will you tell?
There is a lot more to writing a winning email that just putting words together in a text file.
You need to know how to weave your words together into a believable story and how to get your prospect to see themselves benefiting from and enjoying your product or service.
So, if your marketing has hit a wall and your email ads get you some results but not enough, a fresh pair of eyes might do the trick.
Introductory prices.
1 Killer Solo Ad plus three small adverts.
1 Killer Solo Ad, three small adverts, plus lifetime traffic for your website.
  • I will write a killer solo ad for your business, and it will tell the story of your business, product, or service.

  • Once you approve this Killer Ad, my partner, Jane Mark, will turn that killer ad into three shorter ads. Jane is an expert on short ads.

  • You can use these ads on Facebook, Twitter, classifieds, and anywhere else where they accept text ads.

  • You can use these ads all over the net, offline, or wherever your business leads you.

  • You will receive the written ads by email in a word or text file.
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